About the Fairy Godmothers and the London Cinderella Project

The London Cinderella Project was founded in 2005 by Pam Armstrong-Brown and Jeannine Curts. Both Jeannine and Pam believe that every girl should feel that they can attend their prom/graduations with pride and that financial status should not be an issue. They asked other people who shared their dream to help organize the project and help bring their vision to reality.

The first year started out by providing over 56 young ladies with grade eight and prom attire. In 2008 that number grew and in 2009 over 150 girls applied. It is assumed that the number will grow again in 2013.

The Fairy Godmother Team contacts all London and area elementary schools and high schools - both public and catholic. We also contacted social services in London to raise awareness of our services.

We distribute an application form, which they are then able to photocopy and pass along to teachers, guidance councilors, or chaplains. From there, the teachers, councilors, or chaplains can either approach an entire group of girls and young women about our service, or they can approach them individually.

From there, the applicants work with their teachers to fill out the form and fax it to us. The fitting days are typically the first two days of March Break at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. The girls browse through our HUGE selection of gorgeous, stylish, and almost brand new prom and graduation dresses.

Once a girl finds that perfect dress, we have on-site seamstresses that measure, sew, trim, and detail the dress to absolute perfection. We also have an on-site makeup artist to give them makeup tips along with brand new makeup for the girls to take with them. We also have shoes, shawls, purses and even the finishing touch of jewellery.
Our services are 100% free to any young woman that has registered . They keep the makeup, shoes, purse, jewellery and dress absolutely AT NOT COST TO THEM. So how can we do all this??

The London Cinderella Project is run solely by volunteers with NO paid staff. The committee meets throughout the year to plan for the next dress day and see how they can continue to make improvements.

In order to sustain The London Cinderella Project, the Fairy Godmothers have fundraising events and apply for youth grants. We have successfully raised funds in the past through the Labatts 24 hour Relay (CAS), Employment Charity Fund (CAS) and the Acorn Foundation. We are also now approved by the Federal Government of Canada as an official registered charity. Our members, volunteers and enthusiastic community members make it all possible.

Committee Members
Pam Armstrong-Brown – Co-Founder
Jeannine Curts – Co-Founder
Rose Duffin – Public Relations
Zoe der Kinderen – Sewing Consultant